Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My connection to the cinema halls originates through my mother's family who owned the first talkies cinema in my hometown, Varanasi, India. My memory is full of visits to this space but I had no photographs of it. This initiated my desire to photograph these transient spaces.

As I photograph the older cinema halls, some of which are still running, I realize, each of these spaces were built in a unique way, designed mostly by the ownerhimself, unlike the homogeneous, modern multiplexes . Over many years of being occupied these halls seem to contain cues to the psyche of the people who built it and who occupy it. I feel an intriguing play of elements in these spaces that is baffling. As if the space and its arrangement is a mirror of the occupier’s interior. It is these reflections, these cues that absorb me; manifestations of interaction between the space and the people, over time.

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